The Wallis& profiles range is made for the realization of all kinds of winter gardens, even with photovoltaic panels integration.

Simple or complex architecture, with valley, ridge, roof opening, rolling shutters, ventilator… thermal insulation roofings allows an excellent insulation, especially if they are blended to thermal bridge break windows and sliding bays : Satin Road®, Satin Moon®, Pazco®, Toundra®, Toundra Khan® …




Complete range: ridge, integrated rolling shutters …

Classical design andFactory Spirit Design (Design Trophy – Batimat 2009)

Patented gutter which allows the rolling shutters installation later

Wide choice for mullions

Specific mullions for glass wall and radiant winter gardens

Adjustable to different possible fillings

Climatic management

Available in the entire Profils Systemes's exclusive colors





A large choice of mullions satisfy demands. It’s possible to use 8 to 85 mm thickness filling with 4 different aesthetics:


Traditional spotlight: exterior reinforcement - filling is maintained with beadings or outside gaskets. Thermal Bridge Break by polyamide strip.

French or tubular spotlight: interior reinforcement – filling maintained by a clipped cap

Tubular cap spotlight: reinforcement in intermediary position. Filling maintained by a screw downed cap

INP FSpirit spotlight: a PS exclusivity. Can create an industrial atmosphere or a workshop atmosphere

Deported gutter system


Profils Systemes has developed specific profiles for gutter with rolling shutter integration.


These profiles are adapted to rafter of the Wallis& range.


2 kinds of trunks and posts:


 A new deported gutter system

A traditional system where the rolling shutter is installed during the winter garden installation




The mullion choice must take in consideration the portée, axis-between, the kind of filling, the location and the altitude.




The system accepts simple to triple glazing, alveolar panels, insulating panels with a 8 to 87 mm thickness.


Accessories and fastenings


All aluminum accessories can be supplied according to the profiles' color.


Fastenings are in stainless steel.


Spot supports


Profiles directly insert Californian blinds. These blinds are made in an aluminum cap.


Californian blind support


 Profils directly integrate Californian blind support. They are put in an aluminum cap.


Innovation: Deported gutter system - Patented System


Trend-setters in innovation, Profils Systemes installed a new patented system for deported gutter chéneau déporté. It allows the rolling shutter's installation later (optional).