Toundra® is a complete range of designer aluminum profiles made to manufacture sliding doors element equipped with thermal insulation.




Comping with RT 2012

Eligible for Credit Tax

Complete range: from 2 rails/4 leaves recessed aluminum  sliding door to 4 rails/8 leaves version.

Highly contemporary design;

Special renovation frame for front fitting;

Bi-coloration possible thanks to thermal insulation with insulation strips;

Available in all exclusive colors: Terra Cigala®, Maohé®, Eclats Metalliques®, Profils Color, the Ral colour palette.

Motor-Drive Possible





Uw = 1.7 Wm2K and Sw=0.53 for an element  (L2350xH2180mm) with double glazing

Uw = 1.7 Wm2K and Sw=0.42 for an element  (L2350xH2180mm) with double glazing




2-rail single-piece frame for double glazing 100, 120, 140 and 160 mm

2-rail tubular frame, width 55mm / height 46.2 mm

Central post width 38 mm

28 mm polyamid strips




Polyamid strips of 28 mm or 34 mm on high sliding door

Vents can have glazing up to 28 and 30 mm on high sliding door and up to 26 mm on classic sliding door.




25 mm diameter rollers for smoother operation


Jaya® Reduced Junction


A specific reduced junction profile is available as an opinion on 2-leaves sliding element on 1 rail (concealed sliding door), 4-leaf on 2 rails (traditional or recessed sliding door) and 6-leaf on 3 rail (traditional) versions.

The mass of aluminum visible is reduced by 40% (i.e from 147 mm to 88 mm)

Optimized sunlight exposure

A barrel lock can be built in to allow for outside access


Recessed Sliding Door


This new special door system is perfectly adapted both for new constructions and renovation work; Mobile leaves can be fully recessed into the adjacent walls so every inch of the bay is opened.


Recessing of the leaves can be on either side of the bay or on one side only.


High Sliding Door


These vents enable large dimensions:


Up to L 1500 x H 3000 or L 2000 x H 2500 mm per leaf

2-leaf element L 3000 x H 3000 mm or L 4000 x H 2500 mm

Monoblock Sliding Door


Possibility of assembly on single piece 2 rail frame including shutter pieces and cover strip. This single-piece frame system for sliding door keeps manufacturing time low to ensre a competitive price.




Dimensions L 2400 x H 2150 mm / Air tightness, Water tightness and Wind resistance results: A*2 . E*5B.V*A2