Pazco is a range of aluminum profiles made for hinged windows with concealed sashes.

The thermal bridge break is created by 30 mm polyamid strips and PVC fillings on the vent.

It’s possible to obtain 100, 120, 140 and 160 mm insulation with/without rolling shutters.



Thermal performances up to the RT 2012 demand

Fixed frame from 100 to 160 mm for insulation

Special renovation frame

Optional 63.6 mm reduced sash, view from outside

Reduced sill

Optional key lock handle

Possible to get it in the Factory Spirit version (silver medal – Design Trophy Batimat 2009)

Various sashes according to the required thermal insulation and the accessories in the system




Uw = 1.5 Wm2K / Sw=0.52 / Tlw=0.65 / Ug=1,1 Double-glazed window frame 1 leaf L1250xH1480mm

Uw = 1.1 Wm2K / Sw=0.47 / Tlw=0.58 / Ug=0,6 Triple-glazed window frame 1 leaf L1250xH1480mm


Product Concept


Thermal bridge break hinged windows. Frame thickness: 55, 60 and 79 mm. Vents: 65.5 and 74 mm.

Bicolaration possible on frames.

Groove with glazing bead on the sash with aluminum or PVC groove.

Manufacturing time is reduced thanks to shutter pieces, pre-mounted gaskets and the optional of mounting other accessories.

Good thermal coefficient: Uw=1.5 / 2 leaf window / h 2180 x l 1530 mm.

Controlled materials cost.

Possibility of manufacturing large mullions while conserving significant daylight.

Monoblock frame for insulation from 100 to 160 mm.

Special frame for renovation: 38 to 70 mm.

Sealed hinged frame or for clam-shell latch




Tubular with a thickness of 55 mm, 78,5 mm for renovation, 97mm, 117mm, 137mm and 157 mm with integrated shutter pieces for doubling 100 mm to 160 mm.




2 available designs:


Factory Spirit (Silver Medal at the Batimat 2009 Design Awards).

Tubular with a rounded interior and exterior shape. They are of 65.5 and 74 mm thick.

Development of a 2 leaf reduced central interlock with a central handle for beaded models.




Frames and vents assembled with pin or crimped brackets + glue.


All of these mounting components are made of aluminum and/or stainless steel.


Sections are sealed with a product such as “Small-Joint”.


Maximal dimensions


French casement: 1 vent 900 x 2200

French casement: 2 vent 1600 x 2200

Turn & Tilt: 1 lead 1250 x 2200

Turn & Tilt: 1800 x 2200